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Self Automated Programs

You control the level of both dry heat and infrared (IR) heat to achieve the desired results.

Xpress SHAPE: 40-50 minutes, 140 F, high IR

Xpress CLEANSE: 30 minutes, 150 F, medium IR

Xpress FITNESS: 20-40 minutes, 160 F, high IR

Xpress ENERGY: 30 minutes, 130 F, medium IR

Xpress RELAX: 30-40 minutes, 100 F, no IR

Enhance Your Session

For maximum calorie burning sessions add a sauna suit or even a body slimming wrap which can target specific areas for maximum effect. This will increase the metabolic rate in a manner similar to traditional physical exercise. Also choose from a selection of essential oils for heightened vigor or relaxation.

Cocoon Wellness

The Cocoon Wellness PRO is a whole body self contained chamber that uses a combination of dry heat and infrared heat that can be individually controlled by the user to achieve a number of fitness goals from relaxation to detox and weight loss. During the session a stream of salt fortified cool air is provided upon the face for refreshment.

Enjoy a Session starting from $39